Human/Canine/Porcine Insulin ELISA Kit
Catalog #: NE01I0004
Sample Type: Biological samples


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Metabolism, Signal transduction, Cardiovascular, Neuroscience


Insulin and the IGFs both belong to insulin family of molecules. IGF-I and II are structurally homologous to proinsulin, and are very similar in shape of an exaggerated, inverted letter G. The single chain insulin propeptide consists of a 30 amino acid B chain (aa 2554), a C-peptide (aa 5589), and a 21 aa A chain (aa 90110).

The removal of the C-peptide by proteolysis can enhance the formation of mature Insulin, a disulfidelinked heterodimer of the A and B chains. Circulating C-peptide levels are elevated in clinical symptoms of hyperinsulinemia, obesity and type II diabetes.